The six-year-old BioRoBoT has introduced a very special and innovative conception in the Hungarian alternative sphere: the band operates with two frontmen, Robi Bérczesi (who is well-known from hiperkarma) and Nemes András (from Plútó). Both singers equally cooperate in songwriting. The band attained success with a surprising speed, although Robi’s psychological problems interrupted the recording of their first album. Finally András completed the 17-song-long record which they started to compose together. On their first album, called BioRoBoT we can easily observe the melancholic, song-centred style of Robi and the innovative, beatrock, almost punky waves. The band discusses how we try to find our way in life, how it feels to be lost and how our social relations develop through life – which are expressed in a danceable, vivid form.

After the first record there was a 5-year-long break in the band’s life than together they released two new songs (Annyi még and Szélcsendkirály) on their official site last year. Robi and András confirmed that they are working on their second record which will be available in 2018.

Róbert Bérczesi – guitar, vocal
Tibor “Sztivi” Kis – lead guitar
István Mezőfi – drums
András Nemes – guitar, vocal
Kata Szöllössy – bass guitar