Hiperkarma is one of the most determinative bands of Hungary due to its poetic lyrics and their ability to renew all the time. The band has been operating for 20 years now, and their common history is fulfilled with drastical ups and downs, memberchanges. These happenings became an inspirational feature of hiperkarma’s identity. An important characteristic of the formation’s authenticity can be found in their lyrics: Robi Bérczesi’s pens songs narrate in open-minded way about our inner fears, about the most frustrating questions of life and about those well-known demons which chase us through our “journey”.

Their first record, hiperkarma debuted in 2000, and was labelled as one of the most important musical works of the decade. In 2003 their second record, amondó was released which even outshined the success of the previous CD. The debut was followed by a more than 10-year-long break in the band’s life. We can easily follow the stages of the singers’ drug addiction in their songs – there is an obvious way of disappearance and revival. After the break the band announced their 3rd album called konyharegény in 2014, than their latest record called délibáb. The latter can be understood as a dramatic change in the band’s voice, and it was nominated for two awards in 2017: The best alternative record or song for Fonogram, and for The best song of the year for Petőfi Musical Award.

Gyula Bacsa – keyboards
Róbert Bérczesi – vocal, guitar
Benedek Hámori – drums, backing vocals
Tibor “Sztivi” Kis – guitar
Janó Nemes – winds, backing vocals
Laca Varga – bass guitar